STRYDE Software

Easy to use, tailor-made, software for efficient seismic survey field operations, data harvesting, and quality assurance.

Our software has been built from the ground up to handle the scale of seismic operations that are made possible with STRYDE's nodal systems, ensuring seismic data excellence, acquired in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Key features

The value our software can unlock

Your QC software is unreal, thanks again for taking so much time giving me a tutorial and finding the missing shot! I have some gathers in now and just panning through shots is so fast and simple.

Philip Sokol, Project Geophysicist at Explor

How it works

See how our software and hardware interact together to unlock seismic survey efficiencies and subsurface data excellence:

Watch our clients at Explor using the Navigator app to deploy our Nodes with absolute precision:

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