Land seismic data processing

Learn more about how STRYDE’s team of Geophysical experts can process land seismic data in the most efficient way possible to assure subsurface image excellence and delivery of quantitative interpretation ready data

Seismic data processing solutions designed to expedite turnaround time, cut costs, and streamline interpretation


Our team of highly skilled and experienced land processing geophysicists offer tailored fast-track processing solutions to deliver high-quality and reliable seismic products more efficiently than ever before.

Utilising proven processes, algorithms, and workflows, STRYDE applies state-of-the-art processing techniques to eliminate common challenges in land seismic data, assuring subsurface image excellence and enabling efficient and effective quantitative interpretation.

Data processing solutions offered by STRYDE:

  • Fast-track processing
  • Near-surface models
  • Full production PSTM
  • 2D and 3D field processing (subject to data volume limitation)
  • QAQC
  • Comparative studies
  • Interferometry data generation
  • Data transfer and data archiving on the cloud

Why choose STRYDE to process your seismic data?

Utilising our state-of-the-art hardware and industry-leading software to deliver seismic data processing excellence

Our hardware:

  • High specification laptops for infield QC and small field processing projects
  • A computer center located at STRYDE’s Norway office with 288 cores, 384GB Ram, and 300TB of disk storage capacity for small to medium projects
  • On-demand access to CHPC (21 PFLOP, several Petabytes of disk space) for large or dense surveys when required

The software we use:

  • Reveal
  • TomoPlus
  • Python 3 proprietary codes

Unparalleled ultra-high-definition seismic data delivered more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. Enabling seismic projects to be expedited to make informed decisions faster, without compromising on quality.

The deliverables:

  • Fully time processed 2D lines, 3D volumes, and pre-stack gathers
  • QAQC ppt
  • Processing and study report

Guaranteed to light the way in land seismic data processing

STRYDE’s team of land processing experts are proven to deliver cost savings and efficiency gains when it comes to processing seismic data, no matter how dense the data is.

Below is an example of our efficiency results from a recent processing project:

  • Project: Seismic data processing a high-density 60KM line on a 2D survey in Africa
  • Result: Delivered 75% faster than our competitor, with zero compromises on image quality...

STRYDE processing completed in 3 weeks


Competitor processing completed in 12 weeks

Seismic data processing project snapshots delivered by STRYDE