A comparative field trial to validate the nimble node

desert STRYDE nodes project

A new nodal land seismic acquisition system - jointly developed by bp, Rosneft and WesternGeco – has been created with the goal of delivering infinite channel counts in all onshore environments. The system allows new energy challenges to be addressed using land seismic surveys with higher trace densities and greater areal extents.

The system is centred on the nimble node – the lightest autonomous land seismic node in existence. The nimble node is barely larger than a conventional geophone, allowing it to easily replace bulky conventional cabled systems.


To validate the capabilities of the nimble node, a suite of 2D seismic field trials was performed using the new nodal seismic system alongside three commercial cabled systems. This allows a rigorous and fair comparison of the raw and processed outputs of the four systems.


The data quality delivered by the nimble node is indistinguishable from that recorded by conventional cabled systems, with the added advantages of also being significantly simpler, safer and cheaper to acquire.