3D Field Trial Nimble Node

Efficient dense 3D seismic increases subsurface image quality

Nimble seismic nodes - jointly developed by bp, Rosneft and WesternGeco - have successfully completed their first 3D seismic survey, which was carried out under challenging operational conditions in Western Siberia, Russia.

STRYDE Node vs geophone

Dense 3D seismic data (5 m inline receiver spacing) were acquired using this new nimble nodal system for comparison to data from a conventional cabled seismic system (12 geophones per group at 50 m inline receiver spacing) that was recording simultaneously.

The portability and ease of use of the nimble nodes meant that deployment of the nodal system was twice as fast as the cabled system, even at 5 m node spacing.

A standard PSTM (Pre-Stack Time Migration) processing flow was run on both datasets. Comparisons of the resulting images show that the denser spatial sampling provided by the nimble node dataset results in improved vertical and horizontal resolution and image quality, allowing better subsurface exploration decisions to be made.

The combination of improved operational efficiency and improved image quality via denser acquisition makes the nimble node a transformational solution for land seismic data acquisition.