STRYDE signs to ship 80,000 nodes to the Far East

A leading geophysical contractor has chosen STRYDE technology for their land seismic activities. The win comes after two successful field studies in mountainous regions of southern China, where the contractor compared STRYDE technology with other nodal and cable acquisition systems.

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STRYDE Super dense 2D field trial

STRYDE was deployed on a super dense 2D field trial in the South West of France, working in partnership with Gallego Technic Geophysics (GTG) and Real Time Seismic (RTS) with a STRYDE Node placed every 20cm!

STRYDE Node in a field of lavender
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Sam Moharir Head of BD at STRYDE

Interview with Sam Moharir

Spend any time talking to our Head of Business Development, Sam Moharir, and it quickly becomes clear that you are in very safe, knowledgeable hands.

An Interview With Vincent Grindlay

Find out about what Vincent Grindlay thinks about driving sustainability at STRYDE and why it is important for the future of seismic.

Interview with Chris Einchcomb

Chris Einchcombis a veteran of the energy industry, having spent his career helping companies like bp and Rosneft explore for oil and gas.

EAGE 2020 Annual Conference and Exhibition

STRYDE will be exhibiting at the EAGE 2020 Annual Conference and Exhibition beginning on 8 Dec.

EAGE Amine STRYDE 2020

Second EAGE/HGS Conference on Latin America

Our Head of Processing at STYRDE,Amine Ourabah, will be hosting a live Q&A session as part of the Second EAGE/HGS Conference on Latin America which begins on December 1st.