Shine a light on geothermal potential with low cost seismic solutions

Pinpoint viable geothermal production locations and monitor wells during operations with cutting-edge land seismic technology and solutions

The process of locating and producing geothermal energy presents some unique challenges...

Stringent approval processes

Most geothermal projects are awarded on the basis that risks can be mitigated, these risks are detailed in permit application and are focused on safety assurance, regulatory compliance and efficiency

Limited budgets

Historically geothermal production has been a high-cost industry, with limited budgets impacting exploration and monitoring efforts of geothermal wells

Long-term return on investment

The energy capacity factor provided, dependability, longevity are all recognised benefits, however the upfront cost and risk is high, resulting in projects requiring significant de-risking tactics

Well failure

Regardless of the well type, power or heat, deep or shallow, open-loop or closed-loop systems, well failures occur regularly, at rates similar to O&G and because most geothermal project costs come from the drilling, reducing well failure and well count is important

How can seismic data be used to overcome common challenges associated with geothermal projects?

Land seismic data can be used to de-risk decision making and drilling operations by pinpointing viable geothermal production locations and monitoring well integrity during operations. Discover the seismic surveys that make this possible...

Low-cost seismic solutions for geothermal exploration and monitoring
Geothermal Exploration

Scouting (2D or 3D surveys)

  • Regional scouting to high-grade potential sites for geothermal projects, reviewing depth to target horizon and key structural elements in the area (faulting, fracturing, etc) - to determine that a suitable geothermal system is in place
  • Aquifer volume and depth identification impacts water temperature estimates and thus the design of facilities
Low-cost seismic solutions for geothermal exploration and monitoring
Geothermal Exploration

High-density 3D surveysfor exploration

Required to de-risk pre-drill decision making

  • Operators must demonstrate to the regulator/stakeholders that the geothermal project is safe, potential risks have been identified and a plan is in place to mitigate them
  • Fault identification is critical for optimising well placement – avoiding possible loss zones, maximising well recovery and thus reducing well count
  • Understanding permeability networks is key for establishing good flow rates and recharge of the aquifer
  • Sometimes a repeat survey is acquired during the geothermal project's operational lifetime, but not common. This may be required depending on each countries/region permitting regulation
Low-cost seismic solutions for geothermal exploration and monitoring
During Production

Monitoring surveys

  • Generally, all geothermal projects will require a long-term monitoring plan to ensure the initial project plan is in line with expectations and the project is operating safely
  • Dependent on local regulation and stakeholder needs various levels of seismicity monitoring may be required. Options can range from several seismic receivers to hundreds to assist in detecting and locating subsurface seismicity.

How STRYDE can help - our solutions

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Full turn-key land seismic solutions

An end-to-end solution comprising of survey planning, survey design and optimisation, delivery of seismic acquisition programs using cutting-edge technology and techniques, and seismic data processing solutions.

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Seismic planning

Development of a seismic survey plan (single project or long-term (multi-year program)) to support permitting/regulation compliance

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Survey design excellence

Design of a fully optimised 2D, pseudo-3D, 3D, seismicity, or monitoring survey

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Seismic acquisition

Efficient and cost-effective seismic inclusive of the world's smallest, lightest and most affordable receiver system, source technologies and the survey acquisition team required to execute the survey

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Fast-track seismic data processing

Low cost, fast-track seismic data processing, inclusive of time, depth and analysis of seismicity data

“Not only did we get access to next-generation seismic instruments, but the contact with experienced seismologists at STRYDE (who clearly understood what instrument characteristics were important for our application), provided advice on how to maximise success on the deployment was a real bonus for us.

The STRYDE Navigator Tablet and App provided location accuracy of node locations for retrieval that was particularly impressive and was essential for retrieving the nodes in what was challenging terrain, and reduced the retrieval time (and therefore cost/man hours) down to 24 hours.

I was especially impressed by the number of instruments we were able to quickly deploy and the per-unit cost which I believe has the potential to revolutionise microseismic studies, even above and beyond other node providers.”

Tom Hudson, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Earth Sciences at The University of Oxford

How we do it

As the creators of the world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable seismic receiver node, STRYDE makes seismic accessible to the geothermal industry by reducing costs and logistical requirements, minimising HSE risk and environmental footprint and allowing seismic to be acquired in urban and environmentally restricted areas.

How we do it

The STRYDE Nimble System™

Are you curious how about the STRYDE Nimble System™ can help unlock and de-risk your next geothermal project? Watch the video of our Product Manager, Tom O'Toole, as he runs through all the capabilities of our cutting-edge land seismic technology and discover the power of the system below...

Why should STRYDE be selected to help accelerate your geothermal project?

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De-risk geothermal projects ahead of drilling

Rely on an experienced team who have supported geothermal projects in Europe, North America, and Asia to navigate through regulations and benefit high-resolution seismic data to improve subsurface knowledge and reduce the likelihood of well/and or project failure.

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Significantly reduced seismic costs for exploration and monitoring

STRYDE's systems are the lowest price per channel in the industry, both in terms of upfront equipment and ongoing operating costs, and so are the natural choice for acquiring the high-definition data required for your geothermal project.

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Unlock urban geothermal projects by minimising environmental footprint

Use of world’s smallest and lightest seismic receiver node results in the ability to deploy hundreds of nodes a day by foot, meaning fewer deployment resources and minimal requirements for line clearance for significantly reduced environmental impact and surveys being supported and sanctioned by landowners.

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Assure safety and integrity of your geothermal project

STRYDE technology allows seismic acquisition teams to reduce exposure to HSE risk by requiring fewer vehicles and people in the field. Due to the low cost of our solutions, we make monitoring affordable, helping our clients assure the integrity of subsurface wells.

"STRYDE’s Nodes™ have enabled us to plan and deploy a seismic survey that with more traditional, or cabled systems simply would not be feasible. We anticipate that the data acquired will enable us to gain valuable insights into novel processing workflows with the aim of improving our ability to image the subsurface and identify geothermal resources. All the time doing so cost effectively and with minimal environmental impact, in addition to minimising risk.”

Dr Mark Ireland, Lecturer in Energy Geoscience at Newcastle University


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