Cutting-edge land seismic solutions for renewable and new energy exploration and monitoring

At STRYDE, we are invested in supporting global energy transition initiatives, and our state-of-the-art land seismic technology and solutions play a pivotal role in our drive to net-zero, discover how…

Cut costs, reduce risk and environmental footprint on your next land seismic survey

Cut costs, reduce risk and environmental footprint on your next land seismic survey

At STRYDE, we can help customers in new and emerging industries generate value from high-density seismic acquisition required to make informed decisions that can propel a project’s future.

Whether you are looking to shoot a 2D or 3D seismic survey for geothermal or mineral exploration or want to monitor the integrity of subsurface storage projects – STRYDE can enable you to illuminate the ground beneath to make smarter, more informed decisions that will help unlock and de-risk renewable and new energy projects.

Our unrivalled technology and expert services have the potential to fast-track and de-risk new energy exploration and monitoring projects, fuelling the industries of the future through affordable and high-resolution seismic data.

Illuminating the ground beneath in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible

Discover the industries we help...



Pinpoint CCUS locations and monitor subsurface storage integrity throughout a project lifecycle

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Enabling geothermal production locations to be identified with precision


Explore for natural hydrogen and monitor subsurface storage during operations


Illuminate the subsurface like never before to enable helium exploration projects
Mineral mining

Mineral mining

Efficiently locate valuable minerals and metals for extraction from the Earth
How we can help

How we can help

At STRYDE, we understand that budget and internal resource constraints can impact the ability to obtain a thorough understanding of the subsurface that is crucial for making informed decisions related to a project’s feasibility and future.

Seismic acquisition allows companies to establish a detailed understanding of the subsurface, but until recently, seismic often came at a hefty price-point which resulted in seismic acquisition projects being deemed as financially unviable.

In 2019, STRYDE created the world’s smallest, lightest, and most affordable nodal seismic imaging system – designed specifically to enable high-density seismic to be acquired at a reduced price point and to assure seismic could be affordable for all industries, this technology sits at the heart of our tried and tested land seismic solutions for new and renewable energy companies.

In the last 12 months, STRYDE’s technology and solutions have enabled the following projects in the renewable and new energy sectors:

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Mining projects


CCUS projects


Geothermal projects


Hydrogen projects

Our solutions

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Full turn-key land seismic solutions

An end-to-end solution compromising of survey planning, survey design and optimisation, enablement of seismic acquisition programs using cutting edge technology and techniques, and seismic data processing solutions.

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Survey planning

Seismic survey planning services to fulfil permitting and regulatory compliance requirements.

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Survey design excellence

Optimised design of active source surveys (2D, pseudo-3D, 3D and time-lapse) and passive surveys for seismicity monitoring.

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Seismic acquisition enablement

Enabling efficient and cost-effective seismic acquisition inclusive of the utilisation of STRYDE's cutting-edge technology (the world's smallest. lightest, and most affordable seismic receiver system)

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Fast-track seismic data processing

Low cost, fast-track seismic data processing, inclusive of time, depth, and analysis of seismicity data

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"Before STRYDE, there were compromises on survey geometry and seismic quality. Our vision is to accelerate seismic acquisition without compromising quality. The proof is that our geothermal clients are incredibly happy with the results they're seeing, STRYDE's technology is taking away much of the risk they would traditionally face. That's why we love STRYDE."

Claudio Strobbia, realtimeseismic

At the heart of our solution: the world’s smallest, lightest, and most affordable receiver nodes

As the creators of the world’s smallest seismic receiver node, STRYDE makes seismic accessible to all industries by:

  • Reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs
  • Lowering in-field support and logistical requirements
  • Minimising exposure to HSE risk and environmental footprint
  • Allowing seismic to be acquired in urban and environmentally restricted areas
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