Light the dark

The world’s smallest seismic Nodes that are changing subsurface imaging forever.

Lightweight technology for improved imaging

Smaller, lighter land seismic recording equipment. Easier, faster, safer deployment without compromising data quality. Fewer vehicles and elimination of line clearing. At STRYDE, we’ve brought onshore subsurface imaging technology out of the dark ages for clients in CCUS, geothermal, mining, oil & gas and beyond.

Seismic change

Before, we only had glimpses of the subterranean world. Now, STRYDE's technology makes it possible to illuminate every part of the subsurface, opening this hidden world to all. Light transforms everything.


At STRYDE, we make the impossible, possible by assuring high-density seismic is affordable for any industry.

As the creators of the world’s smallest, lightest, and most affordable Nodal seismic imaging system, STRYDE has redefined the entry price of land seismic acquisition and enables projects to be accelerated by delivering fast-track data processing solutions.

At STRYDE, we manufacture pioneering seismic technology and offer data processing solutions to seismic acquisition contractors, companies, and organisations seeking to explore, understand and monitor the subsurface in high definition: 

  • At a significantly reduced price point
  • With a reduced environmental footprint
  • With less exposure to risk

The result?

Ultra-high-definition image quality, acquired in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

The benefits of choosing STRYDE for your next land seismic acquisition

Our customers


A message from our CEO

I believe there is a huge untapped potential in better understanding the subsurface for a wide range of industries, particularly on land.
STRYDE allows companies to acquire the seismic data quality that they want, removing the need to compromise on cost, quality, and HSSE risk.
We have already revolutionised the seismic industry, making it far safer, faster, and cost-effective... and we are still only just getting started!

Mike Popham, CEO at STRYDE

Proven to light the way

With hundreds of thousands of STRYDE Nodes™ deployed over seven continents, STRYDE is helping customers around the globe to acquire an unparalleled understanding of the subsurface, in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

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Our Team

Before STRYDE, buying and deploying seismic Nodes meant compromise – choosing speed over sustainability, cost over accuracy.

Thanks to our people, we question harder, work faster and build better – for our customers, for the safety of their teams and for a smaller environmental footprint. Join us for a career where you will help write the future of seismic, whatever your expertise.

Omar Morsy headshot STRYDE 520x520

Omar Morsy

Head of People

We’re clear about what we stand for, and we know the difference we want to make in the world. It’s an unstoppable combination

We innovate to create a better future for our customers, transforming land seismic in ways that once didn’t seem possible. And yet we work with responsibility and respect, never losing sight of safety, quality and the power of people.

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We’re hiring!

If you are interested in working at STRYDE, take a look at our open roles or send us your CV. We always want to talk to talented people.

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